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Our Meal Plans

Healthy Menus


Starting from Rs.270.00 /Person (Lunch & Dinner)

Economy Plan 


Starting from Rs.325.00 / Person (Lunch & Dinner)

Deluxe Plan


Starting from Rs.400.00 / Person (Lunch & Dinner)

Premium Plan

About Us

Why Us

For Your Meals For 365 Days


A happier lifestyle comes along with the choices we make towards a healthier living. The real struggle these days lies between choosing to eat a healthy snack bar to treating yourself with delicious Dum Biryani outside but all the more, missing Ma’s shukto or pishima’s lebupata diye musur dal for lunch. Choosing Dietfixx could be one of your initial steps towards a healthier lifestyle. We are beyond just delivering you your favourite home cooked food but also the love you need to through a good or a bad day at home or work. Through the inevitable traffic, potholes and road blocks throughout the year, we're there for you! Oh yes, and the pandemic too cannot deter us!

Eat Healthy

In the hustle bustle of work, we often miss out on the health quotient, but not anymore. Dietfixx offers meal plans and menus designed by dieticians. Eat healthy meals by delivering them to you. Now you can gorge on home cooked food while it’s still hot.

Attending office? Not to worry

We totally understand what a clumsy thing it is to carry your backpack along with a lunch bag/ lunch box in buses or autos. To solve this problem, we have designed a process which will deliver your hot lunch for you and drop it at your workplace. Save yourself from carrying too many things while going to work.


Freshly Cooked Food

One of the main concerns of eating at a nearby restaurant during work is the freshness of the food. We have a solution for you. Order with us and have your home cooked meals delivered at your home or office and you have 100% freshly cooked food at your service.

Diet Preferences

Are you a vegan or do you like gluten free diets or are you a pure vegetarian? Do you have diabetes or considering weight loss? Do you like your chicken cooked in a certain way? Or are you on a specific diet? Do not worry. We have got you covered because we deliver you your meal choices accomodating your diet preferences from your home to your workplace/ college or wherever you want us to.

For Mothers

For all those doting mothers who want their children to eat hot and healthy food during office/school hours. Dear Mommies, we are here to help you out. Order with us and we will deliver your cooked food to your child at his/her office/school so that he/she can have hot lunches while you relax at home.

Our Services

Our Menu

This Week Special



Warm homemade and delicious meals at your doorstep. Unearthing heritage recipes and taste for you.



Simple yet tasty dinners that are light on the stomach but high on nutrition.


Partner with Us!

  • Join us as our channel partner- home cook

  • Enter into a network of home food cooked for over 300 customers, planned by a dietician.

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Our Customer Says


Suchitra Banerjee, 76 years

"I'm diabetic. Dietfixx provides me food on a daily basis. They're affordable and my blood sugar is under control. Food is delicious!"

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86972 88960

9, Anil Roy Rd, Hemanta Mukherjee Sarani, lake Terrace, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029, India

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