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Dietfixx has been conceived and envisioned by Surojit Rout and Ipshita Banerjee Bhandary.


Having worked in the software and finance sectors, Surojit actually always wanted to cook! So much so that he roamed the world with prestigious projects of multinational companies but ultimately settled in Kolkata to work with food! He sired many startup restaurants till he launched Ekdalia RD and the rest was history! At Dietfixx, he brings in his culinary skills, operations management and supply chain expertise.


Ipshita only unwinds when she cooks! An advertising professional and copywriter by profession, the kitchen has always been her calling. Having worked with multinational PR companies, reputed newspapers and ad agencies, she thought doing something with food professionally was fine but needed to have a meaning. At Dietfixx, she brings in her branding and marketing expertise, alongwith culinary intuition, people skills and PR strategy. 

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